How to Specialize as a Lawyer – Which Specialization to Choose

Everyone knows that you can finish college and get a degree. Oftentimes, that means getting a higher level of general knowledge of the subject or subjects you wanted to study. Being a lawyer, things are not that different. After getting a college degree, what awaits is the specialization. This is where the doors open to many more possibilities, as lawyers have more than one option. Working as a defense attorney as you see on the TV shows is not the only way you could work as a legal professional, and for the most part, not as exciting as they present it in the shows.

Here are some specializations which you could look towards as a legal professional on the rise.

Small-Business or Corporate Law

Being an advisor to a smaller business can be a great job for a legal professional. The responsibilities are still there, the same you would have as a corporate lawyer, yet you would operate in a smaller environment with fewer people and less on the line. The pressure is not going to be as large as that which a corporate lawyer faces, yet the pay isn’t as large, which should go without saying.

Corporate lawyers will deal with the financial status of an established company, let’s say a casino. Casinos operate with a lot of money on a daily basis and they require everything to work smoothly in order to be in operation. A corporate lawyer for a casino could make lots of money and have a good reputation, so finding another job should not be an issue.

One of the richest lawyers in the United States, Joe Jamail, worked for corporations throughout his career, earning himself lots of money.

Criminal Law – Closer to the Movies and Shows

Criminal law has many aspects, but it boils down to prosecuting or defending people who have committed crimes. Things get tricky as a crime has to be defined by a ruling body, let’s say on a state or federal level. You would not be able to work criminal cases to solve feuds between individuals or even companies, as these are seen as civil cases. You could work as a defense attorney or as a prosecutor.

Family Law – Feuds and Disputes

Family law seems like it could be a rather peaceful job for a lawyer, but it is quite the opposite. There are many feuds and disputes between family members, even on a daily basis. Family lawyers would never be out of work, that much is certain.

This job will have you working in child care, or settling disputes between soon to be divorced couples. Anything regarding families is closely related to this field of the law. Often, inheritance disputes cross with family law, yet they often have their own probate and estate administration attorneys.

Civil Rights Law – David Versus Goliath

Civil rights attorneys often fight for the downtrodden. These lawyers often settle disputes between corporations and their employees, more often being on the side of the employees which are neglected or refused some fundamental entitlements. They also deal with cases of expression, education, and housing.

Environmental Law – Preserving the Environment

Not all environmental activists need to be on protests, as some preserve the environment from their offices. Lawyers in this field deal with pollution regulation, management of natural resources, the misuse of land and shorelines. They can work for individuals or organizations, depending on their choice.


These are just a couple of fields of law which require specialization and may be interesting to upcoming lawyers. The law is diverse and has many fields, as well as many career opportunities.