The Story of Arelia Margarita Taveras – A Lawyer Turned Gambler

From time to time, everyone loves to hear a good comeback story. It is not like we are all made out of stone and that hearing about everyday misfortunes of people throughout the world leaves us unmoved. Quite the opposite, many people dislike hearing about the downfall of anyone, especially once you start knowing the details and empathizing.

The case of Arelia Margarita Taveras is not a happy one, nor is it a happy story, but it is a very good warning to anyone marching up the ladder of success.

Success Can Be A Burden

Arelia Margarita Taveras was a very successful lawyer in New York, earning almost 500,000 dollars annually. Her success came from her helping the victims of the Queens plane crash in November of 2001, the flight known as American Airlines 587. She was frequently on TV shows and talk shows to offer advice about all things legal. She also wrote a book for women, on how to deal in the courtroom regarding child support, appropriately titled the Gangsta Girl’s Guide to Child Support.

Her weekly working schedule quickly became her downfall.

Gambling is Very Dangerous

Taveras quickly found out how dangerous gambling can be. She started off by going to Atlantic City in New Jersey, to relax and unwind from all the work. In September of 2003, she started gambling at the said casino and lost nearly 850,000 dollars in a period of two years. She was warned by a worker of the said casino, to be mindful of her gambling habit, turning addiction, in 2005.

From 2005 and onwards, she spent days living in the casino, on nothing but orange juice and candy, usually given to her by the staff. She also used to pass out on the tables, losing more than 5,000 dollars every hour. She lost her apartment and the home of her parents and was disbarred.

The lawsuit is against the many casinos she gambled in, for not taking care of her, as she was obviously showing signs of gambling addiction. The problem is that she had been warned and that casinos often do not take care of their customers, but warn them and offer them, multiple times, to add themselves on an exclude list, thus banning themselves from the casino for a desired period of time. Taveras refused to help herself, according to the casinos.

Gambling can be very dangerous and lead to the downfall of the most successful, but the same can be said of any addiction. Even though many would prefer to hear a success story rather than that of a downfall, the latter is necessary as someone might learn from Taveras’ mistakes.