The Weirdest Laws Which are Still in Power

As we all know, the world is a strange place, full of surprises at every corner. These surprises can be pleasant and the complete opposite, very unpleasant. Looking back through history, we can see some interesting laws which have changed or stayed the same. Today, it is easy enough to familiarize yourself with a country’s laws or that of a state. The internet allows you to be prepared for any surprise, pleasant or otherwise.

But, you cannot know all the laws that easily. Here are some of the strangest laws which are still in power, throughout the world.

France – No Ketchup in School Cafeterias

This has to be one of the most interesting laws, and it is actually against globalism and the influence of the western, most notably American culture, on France. This law prohibits the use of ketchup in school cafeterias, except on french fries, which are served once on a weekly basis.

This law has nothing to do with health, otherwise, per Christopher Hebert, the president of the national association of municipal catering, mayonnaise would definitely be banned. In his words: “eating ketchup is like eating the incarnation of Americanism.”

Italy – Death is Forbidden (in Two Cities)

Death is forbidden in two cities in Italy, forcing people to do check-ups regularly, in order to prevent their untimely death. This has a lot to do with depopulation and preventing it. This law isn’t only enforced in Italy, however, but in multiple cities around the world.

In Sellia, Italy, however, when this law was announced, and that people would be fined 10 euros if they fail to do a yearly health check, people rushed to the doctor’s office. Some lives were actually saved due to this abruptly announced law.

Japan – You can Dance After Midnight (with Enough Light)

This was an old law which prevented people from dancing after midnight, because dance halls were used for prostitution once upon a time. Today, this law allows people to dance after midnight, provided there is enough light, the lower limit being 10 lux. This translates to relatively low light conditions, the kind you would have in a movie theater.

Singapore and Malaysia – Thou Shall Not Spit (Except in a Drain)

Public cleanliness is a primary concern in Malaysia. People caught spitting in the street or in a building, anywhere except in a drain, sink or toilet, which all count as drains, will be fined around 30 dollars.

In Singapore, the fine can be quite more severe, up to 450 dollars. Spitting can disturb many people, but if you are in any of these two things, have that in mind lest you want your wallet emptied.

Scotland – You Can Go To Anyone’s Bathroom

This law states that if you have to use the bathroom, you can knock on anyone’s door and they will be obligated to let you use it. The background on this law is rather foggy but it seems rather interesting. The Scottish government denies this law ever existed, but it is closely related to another law that exists, one allowing trespassing. The law is ancient, from the time Scotland had clans and people had to move through others’ territories. Today, this law is used by mountain climbers pretty often.


These are the strangest laws still in power, all over the world.