The Weirdest Lawsuits in the World

People often have some strong things to say against other people. When words fail to bring results, people turn to the courtrooms to find their justice or their own interpretation of justice. There have been some amazing lawsuits in the history of our world, and some of them, to this day, remain either strange or weird or downright impossible to imagine. Here they are, in no particular order.

Because I’m Batman

There is a town in Turkey, called Batman, whose mayor sued Christopher Nolan in 2008, for misusing the name Batman, asking for the movie’s royalties. The case never made it to court, and the mayor was later arrested, for inspiring terrorism.

Raining on One’s Parade

In Israel, TV stations can get in trouble for broadcasting incorrect weather forecasts. Her story is that she went out, lightly dressed, only to be met with rain when a sunny and warm day was announced. She ended up catching the flu and having to miss a week of work, not to mention spending money on medications. The trial went in her favor, gaining her a thousand dollars.

Dexter Can be Scary

A woman sued the Showtime television station and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for her injuries she sustained by being scared by a poster of Dexter, the TV show. The poster shows Dexter, the main character, a serial killer and forensic worker, whose face is wrapped in cellophane. The woman was shocked and fell, breaking her ankle and sustaining a head injury. Her case is most likely to be dismissed, as noted by the judge presiding over the suit. The suit was filed in 2014, and in 2018, the judge said that suits similar to that one, with fear as the leading factor, are very tricky. Allowing this one to go through would open the floodgates, allowing every other similar case, and there are plenty of them.

Ice Drinks Contain Ice – An Obscure Fact

2016 was an interesting year in California. A man decided to sue Starbucks Coffee because he felt cheated that his drink was watered down (no pun intended) with ice. He also felt that many other customers were cheated because the drinks did not contain enough coffee or juice. There were many offenses in the man’s suit, like fraud, unjust enrichment, and violation of California’s unfair competition law.

The judge dismissed the case stating that no reasonable consumer expects a 12-ounce iced drink to contain 12 ounces of whatever drink it is and absolutely no ice.

Bears are Mean

A Macedonian man sued a bear for frequently destroying his beehives. He did get reimbursed with around 2,000 dollars for the damage he sustained from the bear. The bear, however, was not punished and is still roaming the wilderness.


Every year there are plenty of ludicrous lawsuits, many of which find their way online. Oftentimes, courts report on these cases, many of which are dismissed without so much as a second thought. We will have to wait and see what interesting cases will come up in 2019.